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‘And the Body turned into a Remote Control’ exhibited ‘Uphill’ in Concepción

For a special night in the southern city of Concepción in Chile, the collective plataforma mínima put together a selection of 11 films under the theme of bodies and specialties, in an exercise to re-think the concepts of body and movement. Official selection included Patricio’s recent film with dancer Marco Orellana, ‘Uphill'(2019)

The showcase included selected audiovisual works about performance and contemporary dance, from authors of Chile, México, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.  The night included a live performance by Loreto Urrutia and Una Collective.

In word of its curators: “We put together a diverse showcase of audiovisual projects and, through this format, we created networks with creators that are in-tune with the themes that align with our own creative work, and who we perceive the thoughts on how nowadays dance is open as an expanded discipline towards other creative fields.” (Diario Concepción, 2019)

If you want to keep in touch with Plataforma Mínima check their updates on their facebook page and their projects being updated on their instagram account @plataforma_minima


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