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‘Uphill'(2019) in the Official Selection of Mexico’s Agite y Sirva Festival.

Shortfilm ‘Uphill'(2019) has been selected to be part of the Official Selection at Agite y Sirva Screendance Touring Festival in México during May in D.F and then it will be part of the diverse activities the Festival will take part around the country with this year’s Official Selection.

From the Call 2019-2020, the festival received 317 screendances from 41 countries. The selection was held by Paulina Rucarba, Ximena Monroy and Diego Martínez.

Agite y Sirva is one of the most renowned screendance festivales in the region, and to be part of it is an honour for Patricio and performer Marco Orellana.

Check the festival’s updates on their website and their instagram account @agiteysirva


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