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Dance Film   |   Chile

“Imagine we competed on the track as inefficiently as we lived our lives? “Dominio” is an experimental short film showcasing the body and its ability to compete in the most unusual, demanding ways.”

Festivals & Exhibitions
· Bucharest International Dance Festival (Bucharest, Romania) 2016
· Amarcort Film Festival (Rimini, Italy) 2016
· Black Nights Film Festival (Tallin, Estonia) 2016
· Crossing The Screen (Sussex, UK) 2016
· Short to the Point – September (Romania) 2016
· Aesthetica Film Festival ( York, UK) 2016
· MIVSC 10 São Carlos Video Dance Festival (São Carlos, Brazil) 2016
· Oxford Film Festival [WINNER BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM] (Oxford, UK) 2016
· Screendance Festival (Stockholm, Sweden) 2016
· DesArts/DesCinés (Saint Etienne, France) 2016
· Screenmotion Festival (London, UK) 2015
· Manchester Film Festival, Manchester – UK, 2017
· Athens Video Dance Festival, Athens – Greece 2017
· Festival D´Olhar [SECOND PLACE], Curitiba – Brazil 2017
· Stories We Dance, Genoa – Italy 2017
· Festival de Video Danza de Buenos Aires[GUEST DIRECTOR], Buenos Aires-Argentina 2017

Director: Patricio Soto – Aguilar
Performers: Diana Carvajal / Diego Nawrath / Nicole Sazo
Choreographic Director: Ana Luz Ormazábal
General Producer: Diego Villaseca (
Production Assistant: Juan Enrique Gaete
DoP :Nicolás Pérez
Foquist: Maite Guelerman
Movi Operator: Clodomiro Quitral
Movi Assistant: Uwe Dietrich
Camera: Christian Muñoz
Music: Giacomo Picasso / Devin Norris (
Art: Toro
Sound :Rodrigo Méndez
Project financed by the Consejo de Cultura y las Artes Fondo Audiovisual  2015
Sponsored by Ministerio del Deporte and  Adidas Chile

Copyright © 255.887

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