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The Tree-Lined Avenues (2016)

Dance Film  |  Chile

“An attempt is made in order to modify the conventional structure of short films by constructing characters that only constitute themselves by being in motion. Body and Camera travel, generating a simple story which starts from a search”.

· Mostra Brasileira de Dança 11 (Recife, Brasil) 2014
· Festival Plataforma SurReal – Finalist (Berlin, Germany) 2012
· Portobello Film Festival (London, UK) 2012
· Festival Internacional COCOA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2012
· Festival Internacional de VideoDanza (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2011
· Festival Internacional Video Danza UArcis – WINNER (Santiago, Chile) 2011
· San Gio’ Verona Video Festival (Verona, Italia) 2011
· Festival Días de Danza (Santiago, Chile) 2010
· Festival Internacional Danzalborde (Valparaíso, Chile) 2010


Director: Patricio Soto – Aguilar P.
Choreography & Interpretation: Úrsula Hellberg K./ Ana Luz Ormazábal M.
Production: Christian Jensen B.
Production Assistant: Carolina Lagos R.
Music: Natisú

Alberto Melkonian
Alicia Melkonian
José Francisco García (
Felipe Vergara
Francisca Alegría
Felipe Jensen


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