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Lectures  |

Digital Narrative: Art and AI

The main goal of this of this course is for students to explore the intersection between art and technology, identifying trends and applications of generative artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.


By the end of the course, students will have acquired practical skills and a deep understanding of the use of various AI platforms for the exploration and development of artistic projects, along with the possibilities of materializing and amplifying their creations through immersive technologies.

Taught at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) 


Creative Devices for Entrepreneurship

The main goal of this course is for students to acquire tools to exercise their creativity and innovative thinking through a combination of lectures, case studies, and practical activities.


By the end of the course, students will have gained practical skills to identify business opportunities, think differently to overcome future professional challenges, and gain confidence in their own creative capacity.

Taught at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) in collaboration with Toronto Metropolitan University.

The main goal of this course is to comprehend the importance of the creative industries in the development of innovation and productive ecosystems, as well as acquire new industry-specific tools, skills and competencies, that will allow the students to establish a solid foundation promoting entrepreneurship and leadership within these industries.


The theoretical-practical development looks forward to fostering autonomy in the collective work of students, through debating, critical thinking, as well as the application of knowledge through diagnosis and proposal capacity.

Taught at Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile)

Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries


This lecture invites students to comprehend the historical context in which new media is used by dance practitioners, identifying the possibilities for dance and choreography, as well as its evolution through the years. In a reflexive and critical space, a revision takes place throughout the historical work and milestones, key in the development of hybrid genres involving new media.


Consequently, students are encouraged to explore their own artistic inquiry further through the use of the technologies of their choice.

Taught at Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano (Chile)

Dance and New Media


This lecture invites the students to explore the creative and analytical workflow required to develop multi-platform strategies for their media projects, through analysing key case studies on the subject from a diversity of contexts, requirements and applications.


It equips the students with a theoretical understanding on the subject, including theories and concepts disputes, needed to be able to make a critical analysis over the implementation of these strategies, and how they can be applied to their personal projects through collective brainstorming and discussion.

Taught as a Masterclass at SAE INSTITUTE OXFORD (UK)

Multi-platform Project Development

Workshops  | 

Project Production and Planning

This workshop aims for the attendants to understand the importance of planning and establishing the needed variables of production that lead to adequate production of a film project. Taking into consideration elements such as dimensions of the crew, location, equipment, rehearsals and work with the performers, it incorporates the regular workflow of a film production establishing its relevance and dependency with the creative process, the long term projection of the project and the possibilities this plan provides for seeking financial support.

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