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Santiago: Filming Alexa Chung for Issue Magazine

Patricio Soto-Aguilar, Simón Pais and Alexa Chung. Picture by Roberto Torres.

Alexa Chung came to Santiago de Chile in a rushed 24hr visit to promote her new collaboration with Superga. After an intense one day in Sydney, Australia, she managed to keep up with the activities set for her in Chile, which included interviews, a photoshoot and a final party for the launch at Hotel Bidasoa.

Patricio was invited to join the photoshoot where Alexa was dressed by Gucci and Superga, with a talented crew in the likes of photographer Simón Pais and Fashion Editor, Roberto Torres. He was challenged to create some micro-films that would not reflect as behind the scenes clips, or just a photoshoot.

Check the 5 front cover 5th Anniversary edition of Issue Magazine’s Instagram: @issue_official

“Alexa Chung reflect on her childhood experiences that draw her into fashion for Issue Magazine’s 5th Anniversary.”


Starring Alexa Chung Fashion Editor Roberto Torres Film Patricio Soto-Aguilar Stylist Alina Castro Assistant Stefan Cabezas Photographer Simón Pais Assistant Bolivar Vega Beauty Poli Picó Executive Producer Constanza Mayer


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