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Shortfilm ‘Uphill’ (2019) Screened at the Topanga Film Festival 2019 in California

Shortfilm ‘Uphill'(2019) was screened at the Topanga FIlm Festival in California,USA  during  August, at a special dance film selection curated by Cari Ann Shim Sham.

‘Uphill’ was screened Sunday 18th in Topanga  side-by-side with work from other talented artists in the “The Dance Film Showcase” program of the festival.

“The Topanga Film Institute holds the annual Topanga Film Festival (since 2004), which includes screenings, workshops, panels, mixers, and other events to present work that is courageous, innovative, and that inspires action. We endeavor to bridge cultures, and provide networking opportunities to our local and extended community.”

Topanga Film Festival, Dance Film Showcase


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