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Valparaíso: Animating and Editing for Pascuala Ilabaca & Fauna

Pascuala Ilabaca with her hand by her head, looking to the side in a volcanic orange context.

Pascuala Ilabaca & Fauna – “La Curiosidad”

Chilean singer/composer/musician Pascuala Ilabaca invited Patricio to collaborate on the music video for her recent single “La Curiosidad” (The Curiosity), which was released on Spotify this past Friday 6th of August.

Patricio contributed to animating and editing the music video, with visuals provided by artist Danila Ilabaca. He was challenged to bringing into life the visual and concept Pascuala wanted to convey through the song.

Check the music video here

Video Credits 

Artist – Pascuala Ilabaca & Fauna Collage – Danila Ilabaca Animation/Edit – Patricio Soto-Aguiar Camera– Pablo Miranda Make-Up– Pía Palma

Pascuala Ilabaca with a gray jumpsuit, sorrounded by a cave, and a red snake, on her back a volcano and a la labyrinth.


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