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“Close Quarters” In the official Selection of BIDFF, in Romania.

“Próximos” (Close Quarters) Patricio’s latest award winning short film, will be screened as part of the official selection of the 6th Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, to be held in Bucharest, Romania,  which will be held from the 3rd to the 6th of September.

“Close Quarters” will be screened Friday 4th in the international competitiong group “Fictions and Frictions”. with other 9 films from over the world.

Patricio’s film is not the only Chilean film in the festival, as Pablo Larrain’s film “Ema”(2019) will be opening the festival in a special screening the 3rd of September.

BIDFF was founded out of love for the dance film genre, with the scope of promoting artists that work across genres and presenting cinematographic works in which the language of the body explores strong narratives. Each year, the festival has a different theme that reflects upon the contemporary realities and questions the future of the body.

In 2020, BIDFF turns towards the future and tries to visualize it through the lens of utopia|dystopia. Both are concepts used in Western culture, referring to better or fallen worlds, worlds possible in or through imagination. They are always future-oriented, but still unrealized or unrealisable. To some extent, we could say that the utopian|dystopian impulse is implicit in any art form if we admit that, as Adorno was trying to demonstrate, the function of art is to try to change the world. And from here arises a question to which contemporary artists – be they creators, critics, theorists or curators – try to answer: if art exists to transform the world, does it mean that all art is utopian|dystopian?

Festival Schedule can be seen here.

You can follow the festival on their social media Facebook page & Instagram.


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