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“Close Quarters” wins the “Best Director” Award at FuoriFormato 2020 in Ital

Patricio’s “Close Quarters” produced by Cachalote was part of the official selection of the Fuoriformato Festival 2020 in Italy, specifically in the Stories We Dance Selection. Out of 128 nominated films, 7 where chosen as finalists, including Patricio’s latest. The films where exhibited via a live streaming session Friday 7th of August 2020.

The jury made up of: Anna Daneri, Giselda Ranieri, Roberta Segata, were responsible of delivering the awards for several categories, Best film, Best Concept, Best Choreography, and Best Director.

“Próximos”(Close Quartes), won the Best Director award, which was an honour to receive by all involved in the film. The jury commented on this award “For the ability to manage such a complex technical situation, due to light and space conditions; for the use of cutting and the editing, which create a visual storytelling that lightly touches the performer, while raising evocative sets as well as much wider reflections on the human being – here seen as a political, social body interwoven with complaints, relationships, private and collective solitudes-, the award for Best Director goes to Proximos by Patricio Soto-Aguilar.”

You watch Roberta Segata providing the comment on the following video ↓

FuoriFormato – international dance and videodance festival is an annual review of shows, performances and videodance dedicated to contemporary dance. Completely free for the public, FuoriFormato is organized by the Municipality of Genoa and curated by Teatro Akropolis, RETE Danzacontempoligure cultural association and Augenblick cultural association, in close synergy and collaboration with the public and private institutions of the city.

You can check the festival 2020 whole programme HERE.


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