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‘Dominio’ is taking part of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in Romania 2


‘Dominio’ is taking part of the Official Competition on the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in Romania. It has been grouped under the theme ‘Reflexions’ which described by the Festival:

These films are deeply anchored in reality, in which the body is partially, but never totally adulterated, always having the power to start it all over again. The directors and choreographers from USA, Chile, Finland, UK, The Netherlands, France and Germany are taking on different routes but with a common goal, to sensitize the masses both regarding the action and the review of each individual’s inner world. We are presenting for the first time in Romania a platform with dozens of mercenary bodies which keep facing the same hard surface repeatedly, always returning changed in a world where all the rules remain the same. We gathered the catalysts of change, those who dare to face the environment when needed or celebrate life when necessary.

Festival will run from 9 to 13 of November 2016 in Bucharest, Romania.

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