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Patricio’s “Close-Quarters” featured in Art-Verge.

Digital Media Art-Verge which focuses in introducing young & emerging artist, featured Patricio’s dance film “Close-Quarters”, reviewing the film and the artists work.

Article can be Read HERE.

“Proximos: Patricio Soto–Aguilar’s New Video Captures A Powerful Multisensory Performance

Written by Yannis Kostarias, article delves deeper in Patricio’s latest work and collaboration with choreographer Marco Orellana and Music composer Giacomo Picasso.

An imaginative and powerful multisensory performance, Proximos (Close Quarters), presents a group of dancers who gradually emerge within a limited space in this 13-minute video. Body movements, evocative light installations and original music score are the fundamental elements that explore the idea of dance. The whole action takes place in an empty closed area that is reminiscent of an isolation room. While the industrial environment creates a mystery for the viewer, the action only transpires within this controlling area. The direction characteristically concentrates on the dancers’ movements whose technique seems to be perfectly linked with the music, scored by Giacomo Picasso. A connection between body expressions and music is already perceptible in the first moments of this performance.


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