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Patricio’s “Close Quarters” Premieres at MANIFF 2020

Patricio’s latest short-film “Close Quarters” produced by Cachalote will be premiered at the Manchester International Film Festival 2020, in their Spin-Off of the Festival with experimental film on focus, during the duration of the Festival.

Manchester Experimental Film Festival will be taking place across 3 venues – Saul Hay Art Gallery, Craft and Design Centre and the Holden Gallery – a selection of films will be screening at each venue giving fans of experimental film the chance to experience these films in exciting settings. No tickets needed just drop into a venue and check out the films, selection can be seen here.

“Close Quarters” will be in permanent exhibition at the Saul Hay Gallery[Map]. From 11am to 6pm – Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th March.

Check MANIFF’s whole programme that will be running from the 7th to the 15th of March in Manchester, UK, and the Experimental programme until the 13th.


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